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Strange Twisted Disease
You have an S.T.D
by Mike Nichols February 28, 2004
Acronym for Scintillatingly Titled Dictionary.
Fucking hell. The Urban Dictionary is SUCH ann S.T.D!
by Lord Jackson of Dribblespunk January 24, 2004
A very contagious STD, children.
ughh.... I have an std.... children.
by Inuyashax April 23, 2006
the most awesome person you will ever meet. orrrrr.....the coolest phrase ever!
"Shannon Tara Delany"
"Shop Till ya Drop"
by shea shea April 28, 2005
My friend's band name which stands for Shot To Death.not the other std yall sick bastards
Dude STD fucking rocks
by a random person September 21, 2004
Acronym meaning: Socially Transmitted Decepticons

Professional or professionally-organized social media users who use one or more online personas to launch political or personal attacks on opponents or their issues. Often, so called "persona software" is used to manage many such deceptive identities simultaneously in order to create the impression that multitudes hold similar points of view.

Sometimes called Sock Puppets, STDs can infect multiple social media streams at one time, creating the illusion of mass interest or agreement sufficient to influence an issue or debate.
The minute the President announced the military action, a thousand STDs magically appeared on Twitter trying to create the illusion that much of the public thought it was an illegal act of war because Congress had not authorized it.
by shoqvalue March 18, 2011