santa transmitted diseases
i wanted to give santa some milk and cookies but ended up with an std
by poopy pingu April 23, 2010
A sexually transmitted disease. Can be contracted through breast milk, blood, body tissue, using dirty needles, but mainly sex. Using a condom dramatically lowers your chances of contracting an std. Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis are some of the most common in the united states (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2008), but by far the most common is HPV; 1 in 4 people have it. Some stds are curable, and some, like HIV/AIDS and Herpes are not. It is estimated that every year, 1 in 4 teens contracts an std (American Social Health Association, 2006), so watch who you sleep with! Also, stds can cause serious harm to your body in the long-run, so get yourself tested/treated.
Most common stds, their symptoms, and if curable in the United States (Elizabeth Bolskey, PhD, 2009).

1. Chlamydia- Pain during sex, discharge. Curable.
2. Gonorrhea- Painful urination, often no symptoms. Treatable
3. Syphilis- Lesions (holes in skin) on penis/vagina/rectum. Curable.
4. Mycoplasma Genetalium- no symptoms, can cause infertility. Treatable.
5. Trichomoniasis- Frothy vaginal discharge, itching, odor. Treatable.
6. Crabs/Pubic Lice- little bugs/eggs visible on genetalia, intense itching. Curable.
7. Scabies- Incredibly itchy rash. Spread by skin-on-skin contact. Curable.
8. Human Papiloma Virus - No symptoms/cervical cancer/genital warts. Treatable.
9. HIV/AIDS - supresses immune system so basically any disease/virus can get in. Intense treatment.
10. Herpes - sores. treatable.
by Count Dracler December 07, 2009
To Smoke, Thizz, and Drink.
-Smoke: To smoke Marijuana
-Thizz: To take Exstasy

Nate: "Ay man are you gonna STD at the party tonight?"
Doug: "Yeah, I'm down to get fucked up!! How about you?"
Nate: "Nah, I'm only gonna smoke and drink!"
by alysseeezy! July 24, 2008
Acronym for "Stomach to Tit Differential"

A rating system by which the females breasts are judged by the relation to their own stomach.

*As made famous by Cicchelli "the Bull"*
I.E. Due to Pamela Andersons tiny waist, she has great STD.

on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, despite her wealth and use of the word "Va Jay Jay", Oprah Winfreys stomach makes her have bad STD
by HarryTwatter April 28, 2008
sexually transmitted disease.
also check sadistic twat delay, and stupidly tardy dick.
Someday you will sue the Government for many reasons, for things like pollution, odd scarring on your body, and std's coincidentally, among many relative issues, in addition to claiming the truer resources of our much more balanced commonwealth. So if somebody has an std, that person is to be compensated by the Government, Titus 1:12 and 1:16 exampling in the bible, states reprobate for any good work, so homework is reflectively nasty until they respect the prepuce and the younger people rights, then when they care to learn geometry in order homework means they are building their homes in direct alignment with prosperity equalling work efficiency, the young people will care to learn when they have an applied science. The higher equation factors 2 timely married virgins have no std's, they remain this way and this is their absolute solution. The absolute higher solution should not be shammed by opposing halfass methods. Advancing young people and everyone's rights does not reflect paying old witch doctors while the young person loses, he can not afford his home and land rights for evolution in due time as slave mice under polluter filthy concrete tar street city mentality..
by Joven March 24, 2007
Stinky Twat Disease
man that girls got std, I can smell her from a mile away
by Chuck January 31, 2005
A sexually transmitted disease.
Aids, HIV +/-, ect.
I gave your crush an STD last Taco Tuesday
by Nebuwa August 16, 2016
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