Somewhat Tasty Donuts
i had some awesome STD's the other day, i got them from that girl down the street
by Luke Z May 17, 2008
Smirnoff Triple Distilled, the most commonly drank vodka in the world.
Dude, i just had two full glasses of std!!!
by koonce January 09, 2006
Short for standard. STD is commonly used on ddr and on tv modes (air, std,etc.)
I can play some songs on std in dance dance revolution.
by some 1337 person August 06, 2005
stephanie tiger dick
shit son, that std is huge!
by pedrole March 15, 2008
sexual technique disappointment
After Jon have sex with Tom, they both got STD, because they found out they should have sex with the oppose sex.
by aznfromhk December 20, 2005
An Acronym, South Taranaki District
I live in STD
by martzb September 18, 2003
A STD is a sexually transmitted disease spread through butt sex.
Ben: Oh man, when I did her last night, I think I got a STD.
Carl: YOU HAD BUTT SEX?!?!?!?!
by ashuhhlee July 16, 2008
~super thick dic or
~suck tims dic or
~super thin dic
ppl 1.are you going to std???
ppl 2.hell ya!he has a std!!!
ppl least its not a std!
by lenore666 February 26, 2007

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