Used as a single word in response to a comment you are impressed and/or agree with.
E.g 1

"hey did you catch the fight last night, didn't go the way i expected but damn that was one hell of a card"

- "Standards!"

E.g 2

"hey man , we should get mullered tonight!"

- "Standards!"
by R34P3R200686 July 20, 2009
a type of cannabis that has been dried or cured incorrectly, or has just been harvested at the wrong time. often weed that has been grown by someone inexperienced who doesn't understand the drying and curing stage, looking for a quick sale after harvest . generally not wanted by smokers and considered fairly wet, and a last resort.

can be determined by a distinctive stan like smell and not looking as nice as peng, term commonly used in the Herefordshire area and surrounding county's
do you want any bud

yeah! what is it ?


nah stan is cack

mate, it gets you stoned, big deals, its mid grade

just no..
by anonymous bo March 24, 2011
A specified amount of money that is common "standard" as a donation for specific supporting events.
Aye, does anyone got a standard for me to borrow to get into this event?
by CRKT 214 April 07, 2011

- something accepted.

- Word for something blatently shit, unwanted or stupid.

- Adjective to describing opposite sex who is remotely hot.
Guy: Shes well fit

Guy 2: Meh, she's standard

Girl: Fell over last night and hit my head. Standard ¬.¬

Replacement word for cursing, moaning groaning and bitchiness.
by StandardRedHead February 14, 2011
Los angeles language for chill or cool.
This party is hella standard.
Those slores are standard.
by Katie kresl January 02, 2010
Can be used in a variety of places and occurrences. The slang term 'standard' derived from a boy called Gashman who had very small muscles. He refereed to his bicep muscles as "standard arm muscle". The phrase then caught on, and now 'standard' is used more commonly.

Moreover, 'standard' can be used when describing someone's mistake or misdemeanor. It can be used in place of the other common phrase 'school boy error'.
Dude: "Ohhh standard!"

Dude 1: "Dude you are so standard"
Dude 2: "Yeah and solid."

Dude 1: "That is so below standard."
Dude 2 (who forgot his/her school books): "Yeah, totally sub-standard."

Dude 1: "Ohh man your muscles are so standard!"
Dude 2: "Yeah, they will never be Gashman material!"
by The Zach Best December 31, 2009
when people wear a blank t shirt, shorts, high socks, and classic vans.
dude that guy is so standard.
by theboss376 May 05, 2010

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