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Preppy little Bitch who can't sing, can't act, and is just a product of Disney.
Hilary Duff has no talent.
by Lina September 01, 2004
A person who is extremely stupid

Is rooted in the story of my friend's brother who worked at the YMCA, and had to deal with a person who was outraged at the fact that they made him leave the pool early, so that a group of mentally disabled people could swim. A person with down-syndrome was seen pointing at the man and laughing, "You don't get to swim in the pool!!." Now how do you react when A person with Down-syndrome is making fun of YOU?
"I wanted to see what would happen if I tied steaks to my nuts and ran in front of a feral dog."
"You do not get to swim in the pool."
by Lina April 16, 2005
my cool ghetto buddie
my friend Roson is too cool
by Lina December 10, 2004
Adj. A word used to describe anything that is wonderful or fantastic. Derived from the word "sushi": the ultimate "cool" food. Multiple "o's" can be added to add to the effect.
Bob: I went to a fun party last night.
George: Swooooooooshie.

(example 2)

That rug is swooshie!
by Lina June 11, 2003
variation of Arthur;

A fat boy who wears sandals, sports abnormally curly hair, likes to eat salad, give titty twisters, and has a nylon puppet named Suey;

Also known as Arshmallow;
Arshmur stop touching your nipple.
by lina June 28, 2004
the most gully ass gigolo in east boston. period
khaquan is cool
by lina November 21, 2003
short for "hilarious"
Your mom is hil.
by Lina January 15, 2004

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