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when people wear a blank t shirt, shorts, high socks, and classic vans.
dude that guy is so standard.
by theboss376 May 05, 2010
Another name for a manual transmission cars. Back when automatic first came out, all the cars had manual transmissions and automatic was optional, so cars came standard with a manual transmission.
That honda civic is a standard transmission.
by Marcus Taylor February 10, 2006
Used to enforce impact on sentences of meaning.

Can be used the same way that some people finish a sentence with "full stop!".
person 1. you aint coming in! standard!
by Blakey2k8 March 25, 2008
1. Colloquial name for the penis

2. One standard drink
Boony has a 43-inch standard

Chuck us a standard, mate
by mmllkjhsd August 08, 2009
means standard proceedure
if you dont like me
its standard


Jaime-u kl ye fam
Dani-yeeh im nang
by Chikstah Lyk..Chantal November 20, 2007
an average or normal requirement, quality, quantity, level, and/or grade. Usually constant in the present, past, or future.
"Dude, that guy was such a tool last night at that Frat party.

"Yeah for sure. Rods and tools are standard for a Frat guy."
by Fred Wialliamson April 14, 2009
either a good thing or bad most people use it when talking about wethier someone is fit or not.
girl 1: what you fink of him?
girl 2: err standards!
by abii and andy February 06, 2009