Another name for a manual transmission cars. Back when automatic first came out, all the cars had manual transmissions and automatic was optional, so cars came standard with a manual transmission.
That honda civic is a standard transmission.
by Marcus Taylor February 10, 2006
Used to enforce impact on sentences of meaning.

Can be used the same way that some people finish a sentence with "full stop!".
person 1. you aint coming in! standard!
by Blakey2k8 March 25, 2008
means standard proceedure
if you dont like me
its standard


Jaime-u kl ye fam
Dani-yeeh im nang
by Chikstah Lyk..Chantal November 20, 2007
Standard is short for 'Standard Operating Procedure'. It is abbreviated as standard or simply STD.

This is the standard reply given to general statements made that are more than obvious or typical.
Jr: Good lord.. Look over at Chi Chi, total friggen steak pillow time.

Bagels: standard.. STD..
by 1337c0d3d00d March 20, 2013
1. Colloquial name for the penis

2. One standard drink
Boony has a 43-inch standard

Chuck us a standard, mate
by mmllkjhsd August 08, 2009
an average or normal requirement, quality, quantity, level, and/or grade. Usually constant in the present, past, or future.
"Dude, that guy was such a tool last night at that Frat party.

"Yeah for sure. Rods and tools are standard for a Frat guy."
by Fred Wialliamson April 14, 2009
either a good thing or bad most people use it when talking about wethier someone is fit or not.
girl 1: what you fink of him?
girl 2: err standards!
by abii and andy February 06, 2009
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