The most ballinest mother fucker who ever lived!!!
T-mart: wheres standard at?
D: I think he went up stares to get Lo's shoes from alterations.
by bigtoysinc69 October 05, 2008
originated simply from standard practice,- to mean squalid
Man U drew to Exeter- Standard
by Goive January 10, 2005
what you call back at Kentucky Fried Chicken when a customer orders coleslaw and mashed potatoes as their sides for their meals
customer-"i want a breast meal original with mash gravy and coleslaw"
employee- "to go breast meal original standard!"
by crazyfacehair May 24, 2005
something that is ok, it's not heavy (good) and it's not long (bad), it's just standard.
friend: that car is so heavy
other friend: nah, that car is whack man, it's long
me: i think it's standard
by Meeko May 07, 2004
another term for "end of story", "period", "full stop"
"imma get me sum dick tonight. STANDARD"
by lina September 03, 2003
awesomeness, only used by the most 1337 ppl
that new computer u got is standard biotch
by pepito July 28, 2004
When something is ok not brilliant
Steph:Did u link him
Steph: Was he buff
Sam:He weren't all dat he was standard
by MzStylist June 01, 2005
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