means to nix out.... aka not to show up or be there for someone..
Why did you stall me out?
by THE MOST JANK September 12, 2009
When two bowls are being passed around the room in opposite directions and one person keeps getting Jet-lag they may decide to stall one of the bowls so they can catch their breath.
Andy: Dude, I'm getting such bad Jet-lag, stall that bowl so I can catch my breath.
by p55n4d3r February 18, 2010
Simply put, stinky balls. To have stalls is to have stinky balls. It's just a combintation of both words and pronouned just as its written. Simillar to the words swalls (sweaty balls), and swass (sweaty ass).
Dude 1: Ha, fuck I shoulda worn some underware to the gig. I got all hot and sweaty and now I got stalls up the ass.

Dude 2: Fool, I didn't need to know that shit!
by BNSFuzzy September 28, 2007
Used to describe a heavy chill session round your mate's house (instead of heading off to work). Almost always followed by a shisha.
'Alright mate'
'Yeah, not to bad'
'You wanna stall for a shisha?'
'Sick one'
by Jamie Mckenna September 24, 2007
some one or something that is laid back, or Pchill
"that party was stall"
by Cliff, Demetri, Torre June 27, 2006
n. the condition of a hacky sack being stopped in motion by resting it on some part of the body.

v. to stop the motion of a hacky sack by resting it on some part of the body.
self-explanatory case here
by Chuck from Maine December 22, 2004
strapping someone while in a tiny room and whipping them with a love whip
are you stalling catherine tonight?

i believe so.
by liver and onions September 01, 2009

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