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25 definitions by RNPS

A man's shot load on an Apple computer from looking at too much internet porn.
Wife: Is this your jizz all over our computer!?

Husband: NO. That's just a little apple sauce.
by RNPS June 12, 2007
109 59
The next person in line that you ask to do something with after your preferred person isn't able to.
guy 1: "My girlfriend can't make it for lunch with me today...do you want to go?"
guy 2: "What, am I your back-up bitch?"
by RNPS August 29, 2007
29 3
To lose an erection, ruin a potential sexual opportunity or potentially happy moment.
Guy 1: My girl was about to give me oral by the fire when her roommate came home.
Guy 2: Did she keep going? Did the roommate join in?
Guy 1: NO! She was embarrassed and asked me to leave.
Guy 2: What a boner buster!
by RNPS April 29, 2008
14 2
A woman who's riding your ass like a dingleberry.
Example 1: My Mom is being a total dinglebroad about me going to college.

Example 2: I told her I'd have the report to her in twenty minutes, but no, she had to be a dinglebroad and keep asking for it.
by RNPS June 23, 2007
10 0
A fart with some anal contents (juicy, chunks...) that gets sprayed on your underware.
Dude 1: So there I was in line at the grocery store when I had to fart.
Dude 2: Ya?
Dude 1: Well, my fart was more than a fart...I got some sputter butter...my underware was so messed-up.
by RNPS December 15, 2007
11 3
A person sexually-addicted to overweight African Americans, typically overweight white women who cannot get a white man.
Man, you'll never get her - she's a chunky monkey junkie!
by RNPS May 19, 2007
11 3
Where you go to drop a Deuce - the bathroom.
Person 1: Where's John? Our meeting's about to start.
Person 2: He went to the casino.
by RNPS May 15, 2007
39 31