A person who is small but is typically tall
Linda is so smm.. Stall! shes great! :)
by poidaLlinda April 06, 2009
To calm down, take it easy. To refrain from aggression or conflict.
CJ: "You better leave now fool!"

Dope Slanger: "Stall me out CJ, I'm bailin!"
by Dope Slanger September 25, 2006
a cross between small and tall
Gilligan: You're pretty Stall you know.

Frankie: What's Stall?

Gilligan: It's a cross between small and tall!
by FlowerPower56 August 05, 2009
An irish expression for moving briskly
Stall on down to me birds gaff
by killoch0 December 21, 2005

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