A window comprised of a series of close-fitting, coloured glass pieces, often coming together to form a pattern or picture. Examples can be seen in churches and cathedrals throughout the land.
"Oh look - A stained glass window. If it wasn't for that stained glass window, there would just be a big hole there. Yay for stained glass windows"
by Dusk September 06, 2003
Top Definition
A pane of glass made using smaller pieces of different colored glass, sometimes worked in a complex design.
Each piece of glass being held together by a lead framework, welded by hand.
The Stained Glass Window in the church casts an eerie glow on the Priest and the alter boy.
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
A variation of a Hot Carl. When you place a piece of plastic wrap on the girls face then shit on her face.

Final conclusion = A stained glass window
Hot Carl with the addition of plastic wrap
by Chris Eastwood March 29, 2005
Slang for a girl who recently lost her virginity.
Jack: Holly used to seem so innocent and pure.
Himmler: She's nothing but a stained glass window now.
by Cletus September 14, 2003
What happens after you accidently misfire and blow a load on the closest glass window
I busted and turned it into a stained glass window.
by maybenot September 04, 2003
when a blunt smokin', 40 drinkin'(pronounced foe-tee), gat wavin' n!gga gets medevil on anotha mutha f*cka by poppin a cap in the n!gga's head, and spraying brains and blood all up on the windows, like that sh!t be some mutha f*ckin cathedral's windows.
terrel! Damn n!gga that's 2 stained glass windows already, i just got out, you betta stop cappin' honky's, its just not even fair.. and i don't wanna go back to tossin salads.
by R-Dogg September 06, 2003
believed to be the remnants of a feudal alien race that would use the fragile object to reflect the rays of the sun and blind their enemies with an aurora of colorful light only to spare enough time to make a meatloaf
He threw the stained glass window onto the rock and it shattered into pieces.
by Kuckoo birdies September 13, 2003
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