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18 definitions by Cletus

Not wearing underwear beneath the clothes.
Porn stars go commando style all the time because they don't need underwear.
by Cletus December 20, 2002
153 35
Super without the inflection of homosexuality.
Frank: These corndogs are super.
Butch: Watch your mouth, this isn't a bathhouse.
Frank: Sorry, these corndogs are supar.
by Cletus September 24, 2003
14 1
The lesser form of hardcore, someone who neither has a lot of courage/balls or no courage at all.
Hey guys, I went mountain biking. I told you I was core.
by Cletus August 21, 2003
4 2
term used by hillbillies to ask if you brought something with you
"You didn't bring your truck wichyadigya?"
by Cletus January 24, 2005
6 6
Dictionary lacking an index; usually short enough not to require one.
Dre: Yo Webster, where the index at?
Webster: Son, calm down. The dictionary you are using is rather abriged. I do believe there is no need for an index in your suburban dictionary.
by Cletus September 24, 2003
26 26
A person with no life who likes to pretend he's witty by calling people gay a whole bunch and believes that Movie Comics is actually a good comic. In other words, a total and absolute blithering moron.
Cosmixmaster is dumb.
by Cletus June 15, 2003
6 9
southern United States dialaectal blend of giant and enournmous
"Them balls is ginournous!"
by Cletus December 24, 2003
2 7