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Used as an exclamation of pleasure, approval, elation, or victory.
I wanna go to Hawaii! Yay! Yay!
by IAMSODOT March 11, 2004
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Slang for Cocaine, popular in California's Bay Area.

I'm so strung out from all the yay last night
by Bookworm February 02, 2005
the illicit substance also known as cocaine
You can find me in St. Louie,
Where the gun play ring all day.
Some got jobs, and some sell yay.
Others just smoke and fuck all day.
by Nelly February 09, 2005
a word used not only to express happieness, but also in conjunction with hand symbols to express size.
-YAY! i won the lottery!

-hes about yay high *hold out hand*

-the box was yay wide by yay high
by berserker395 June 29, 2005
An exclamation that always needs to be louder. Most often used in conjunction with practicing cheers for a friends national competition.
RD: So now that you know the elements of a good cheer, lets hear one!
FS: *softly* yay
RD: Louder!
FS: *still softly* yay
RD: Louder!
FS: *again, softly* yay
FS: *Deep breath in, preparing for a loud cheer.* *Softly* yay
by serialman August 31, 2012
Cocaine, Snow, Blow, Sugar Booger, Yayo, White Girl, Coke
You gotta watch them bitches that wanna snort up all your yay.
by Angelo August 23, 2003
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