a little bit shorter word that means "stomach"
Don't go out on empty stach. Ok, I will do
by Andrius M. March 13, 2008
Top Definition
short for statutory rapist
-Pat:"hey wanna go check out the highschool girls volleyball game today"
Julian:"Fuckin stach"

-Juans tryin to get at Ryans underage cousin, what a stach
by JFLOW September 18, 2006
Underaged, flirty teenage girl.
(short for statutory rape)
"Hey, check out that stach hanging out in front of the movie theater."
by T. Wolfe October 20, 2004
The practice of eating pistachios
I picked up a pound on Monday and I've been staching ever since.
by MrWizard August 04, 2005
sex on the beach. Sand in places i didn't know existed, until that night.
Dude I have sand in places i didn't know existed til that night of stach.
by steve March 14, 2003
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