Cute, adorable, precious; squishable
You: Joe asked me out last night

Me: Aww so squish
by idekwhat2say December 03, 2013
The female equivalent of fapping
Hold up girl, I gotta do a quick squish right quick
by Gatedear November 20, 2013
the extra skin on you tummy,thighs, and arms.

if you poke it you finger should sink into the squish!!haha
person 1: poke poke, whats that??

person 2: ohh thats my squish
by justicesfriend January 04, 2010
-Soft, squishy, chubby skin on a person's body.
-Wow, you have a lot of squish.
by dfjhkas8 December 24, 2008
something that might lead up to smushing, but in particularly, oral sex
Sarah totally squished me before my big soccer game
by margarfurious May 22, 2011
to FUCK uncontrollably.
eh! carne da vaca, wanna squish?
by carne do porco April 23, 2009
The adductor pollicis muscle in the hand. Located between the index finger and thumb on Peters hand.
Peter has a rather irresistible squish!
by jarndt May 16, 2008

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