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A tendency to flush the toilet by mistake before one begins to urinate.
I'm not trying to waste water! I have pisslexia.
by SPQR April 08, 2006
Frenzied licking of corn-on-the-cob to remove excess butter before it drips on the table.
Cornilingus time! That cob looks like it's about to drip.
by SPQR October 26, 2008
A Calfornia girl without a tan.
Winona Ryder got that role in Beetle Juice because she's a Calbino.
by SPQR September 01, 2005
A prostitute who limits her services to allowing her breasts to be fondled.
A tit mistress who works frat parties can make more in a night than in a week of waitressing.
by SPQR January 28, 2008
tall badass type of dude with leftist politics
Dave Fitz got his assed kicked at the party by a drunk chaon.
by SPQR July 10, 2003
Doing the most boring, mindless parts of your job drunk, off-the-clock, on your home computer, so you can reclaim the time fucking off at work, and yet convey the appearance of being efficient.
Policy and procedure updates? Attendance statistics? Put 'em on my alcocommuting to-do list.
by SPQR October 27, 2006
A person who has body piercings or tattoos, but still professes to be afraid of needles.
The holepocrite at work has a pierced tongue and navel, but has been whining to us all morning about how much she dreads getting her flu shot.
by SPQR October 14, 2006
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