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a girl who is a complete city whore scene bitch who thinks she is the top of the shit! Who knows everyone but is not known by anybody else. She is a poser and should get a fucking life.
Manone: Far out i hate hannah!
Mantwo: Yeah she is such a Squish!
by SOFAR2 August 24, 2009
Fruit Concentrate Cordial that is diluted with water to make a refreshing drink.
A glass of orange squish
A jug of Lemon Barley squish
by Catherine & Rob June 21, 2006
1. To grab someones boobs and squish them together (also called cleavage)

2. To grab someones boobs and squish them in someones face, or your own

3. There is also a man squish...just...think about it...
*grabs best friends boobs* SQUISH! *runs off* HA HA HA

*grabs own boobs and looks* sweet...

*man squishes boyfriend* HA...o.o;;
by Cazzie August 13, 2005
Sex, intercourse in particular, with a woman.
I need me some squish.
by Taxiride September 23, 2003
Fruit cordial or 'squash'
I'm rather thirsty, may I have a glass of squish?
by anodenzyme August 19, 2006
To do a sexual pleasure to one another
I want to squish your sexy body
by John Johansen May 05, 2005
The way that cool young studenty types say Squash.
We got apple, orange, milk, water or pink squish.
by Last Chancer October 28, 2006