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Becoming flaccid during a sexual act, often due to interruption, anxiety or drunkeness.
Dylan was really hard, and we were going to do it, but when we tried to put it in it went squish.
by betty soo 2 September 23, 2009
to FUCK uncontrollably.
eh! carne da vaca, wanna squish?
by carne do porco April 23, 2009
1)A new female your having sex with but don't intend on keeping around.2)A booty call.
Man, I got this new squish bringing food and dome at lunch time.
by KEVIL November 27, 2007
Medical slang for a mammogram.
They found an abnormality on my squish, so they want me to get an ultrasound.
by SPQR October 29, 2006
1. A unisex term used to describe a person who has a flat or smashed face; usually due to a facial deformity, like that of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

2. Someone who is extremely disproportional or just unattractive in general.

3. Someone who is very ugly, and is only used for sexual pleasure. Many times a bag is put over their head while having intercourse.
Man, that girl got beat with the ugly stick. I bet she is easy though. I'm gunna hit that squish tonight.
by indiana02genius February 04, 2010
a girl who is a complete city whore scene bitch who thinks she is the top of the shit! Who knows everyone but is not known by anybody else. She is a poser and should get a fucking life.
Manone: Far out i hate hannah!
Mantwo: Yeah she is such a Squish!
by SOFAR2 August 24, 2009
The act of squeezing somebody after hot sex and only if it is hot sex.
"Last night I got a good squish"

"Make sure you give her a squish after you give her some hot sex"

by Alibear January 29, 2009