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out of balance, needs straightening.
That picture is cockeyed.
by Harley Duncan January 26, 2005
When a male is getting head the female is cock eyed because she is looking down at the dick while sucking it.
Dick in her mouth, now shes cock eyed.
by Dat Blood February 11, 2006
When a girl hangs upside down and you shove your cock in her mouth and your balls hang infront of her eyes.
I cock-eyed your mom last night
by NowThatsQualityTV August 03, 2009
to describe somone who has focused on too much cock and is slightly cross- eyed, or has one eye looking to the center.
That bitch was cock-eyed!
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
A way of saying something is messed up or went wrong.
Woman:"What's wrong?"

Woman's best friend:"I stubbed my toe, now it's all cock-eyed."

Wife: "Is the new table ready to be brought in?"

Husband:"No, I broke a screw now it's all cock-eyed"
by Kayaluki!!! September 04, 2009
1. Someone who is cross-eyed

2. Describing a person's cross-eyed look when a penis is present in between their eyes and they attempt to focus on it.
That bitch seems to be cock-eyed.
by Mr. Slicerz October 12, 2005
When a man looks at another man's cock, he gets cockeyed. If you stare at said cock. You have cockeyes. A contious stare is cockeyed.
A glimpse is a little cockeyed.
I can't help myself from staring, I am all cockeyed at the moment
by aarmistead September 01, 2013
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