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Verb - to hide booze/drugs in the vicinity of a party to consume later. If you can remember where you left it then you're in a fit state to drink/take it. If not then it lies there to be discovered by some lucky partygoer/bastard at a later date. Though it sounds easy there is much more skill involved in a good squirrel than you think.
'Dude, we've run out of booze/drugs/wotsits'
'don't worry man, I squirrelled some in that old fridge in the park'
'there is no fridge in the park'

*the months pass*

'check out this shit, someone must have squirrelled it'
'nice, well it's ours now'
by Tomomomomomomom March 13, 2008
What poor gays who can't afford gerbils use.
Their garbage can is full of dead squirrels, what are those gay guys up too ? If the PETA people find out how many squirrels have died in that gay bar they would burn the place down. I believe in live and let live but this squirrel abuse it too much.
by benthere March 06, 2008
1. a crazy or eccentric person

2. to hide something for later use
That guy is a freaking squirrel.
by The Return of Light Joker February 10, 2008
A female human who chases after some guys nuts; female who wants to have sex with you.
Me: Dude, Taylor is a total squirrel for Jose.
You: Oh shit, you're right!
Together: SQUIRREL!!
by McWims November 06, 2006
The furry woodland creatures that will one day rule the wrold if the Bunny Mafia fails to destroy them. They also have Garbage and Recycling trucks as well as French paper trucks on thier side. Watch out for abnormally dirty cars and sparkling white ones, those are in use of the squirrels (as well as ones with squirrels painted on them and the words "SQUIRRELS ZHALL RULEZ ZEE WORLDZ!" obviously)
Person 1: That white car has been parked outside our house for an hour
Person 2: Is it really clean?
Person 1: Yeah...?
*Squirrels come out of the car and start shooting in random directions*
by Bunny Mafia July 25, 2006
A squirrel is a loose girl;

Basically it is a nice way of calling a girl a slut ;
A girl who goes from one man to another very quickly,
Yo that girl is a real squirrel. she gets with every dude around.
by johnthedon921 March 05, 2011
One who causes a distraction, or draws attention away from the real problem.
Person 1: Oh my God, you broke a wheel off my car!

Person 2:Dude, isn't Megan Fox hot?

Person 1: Yeah she is...

Bystandard: What a squirrel.
by HydrocholricAcid November 15, 2010