anything and everything. you can use this word to describe anything that you just can't figure how to say, and because of Squib's epic abilities to describe anything and everything, you should not be questioned on you choice of using the word Squib
Positive "Dude you are the best squib ever"
Negative "dude you are such a fucking squib"
Noun "look at that squib"
Verb "dude why you got to squib me over like this?"
Pronoun "you are the squibiest cunt ever"
Adverb "she's so squibing hot"
you get the point
by G. Sloan April 28, 2008
to sip or drink from someones drink
let me get a squib of that 40
by chris coleman November 28, 2006
<Noun> A member of a pure-blood wizarding family with no magical powers because of some defect in the person's anatomy.
The janitor at Hogwarts is a squib, and cannot perform magic of any kind.
Referring to a gay male without the magical powers inherent to the homosexual subspecies. A take off on the Harry Potter term, a squib is born special (like a wizard being that he's gay) but has no powers (like a muggle). Characteristics include but are not limited to the inability to dress fashionably or understand the basic laws of fashion, poor hygiene, being fairly unattractive, and lacking the level of intelligence and success rate among normally gifted homosexuals.

Variations include the adjective squiby and squibiness
Ugh why does Jason look like that? He's such a squib.

Can you smell the squibiness in the air? Freddie must be around here somewhere.
by NGinEar January 29, 2012
Person of magical birth with no magical powers to speak of
Argus Filch
by enormus November 04, 2003
A person that quite blatantly has no social life, and is incapable of having sex with any human being, so has to resort to trying their luck with animals.
person 1: 'he has no social life and makes love to animals'
person 2: 'some might call him a squib'
by That_Girl_Al March 07, 2009
Large piece of fatty substance around the neck and cheek area. Thought to be magical in its properties. Often used as a sex aid.
She has a fat squib or damn that squib is both fat and juicy
by teh_pwnerer January 11, 2005
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