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Kwiid-itch, n.

1. Fictional Sport in the 'Harry Potter' novels involving bats, balls, brooms and C.G.I. effects - no doubt to be frowned upon when some daft bugger emulates it and falls to his/her doom on discovering they can't really fly.

2. The type of sneeze that starts in the nostrils, causing one to clamp one's teeth and close the mouth, resulting in sneezing a large clod of snot into one's hand that's in such a vast amount that it can't be wiped onto one's clothing discreetly.
"Quidditch" Ron exclaimed.
"Yeah," said Harry, closing his potions book. "I'm tired of studying... let's go and have some practice before Saturday's match".
Ron looked sheepish and attempted a grin. "Sorry mate" he said red-faced, "I just sneezed... you ain't got a tissue have you?"

from "Harry Potter and the HalfBaked Plot" by K.J. Growling
by Neil Baxter October 11, 2005
the amazing game in harry potter that involves 2 teams (7 on each). it is played in the air with 4 balls. the quaffle, 2 bludgers, and a snitch. it is the most awesome and amazing game known to mankind.
lets go play a fun game of quidditch.
by harrypotterfanatic December 28, 2010
the most awsome sport that invaolvs brooms and balls that try to kill you.
did you see that quidditch game

ya i almost got killed
by potato ninja 4 November 02, 2010
1.Fictional Sport Played in Harry Potter. Involves flying brooms, a Bluddger, Quaffle, and the Snitch.

2. Real sport based off the Harry Potter Series
The college dorm prepared for the celebration since the win of the Quidditch game
by NintendoLink April 27, 2015
(n. or v.) The act of having sex when the guy picks up the chick and sets her on his 'broom' and proceeds to run around, so the chick is playing quidditch.
Hermoine likes to play 'quidditch' with Ron.
Yo, did you and that broad play some quidditch?
by Definitionking19 January 09, 2011
Quidditch is the uber sport played on broom-sticks in teh awesome b00ks (Harry Potter)
aright harry wanna go play some Quidditch, you can have a go of my broom
by Fluker July 06, 2005
when you see someone or something exciting then you cum in your pants that CKell over there..I think I just did quidditch in my pants!!
by sharpie51 November 18, 2008
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