Anothe word for a cigarette
Let's go smoke a squib!
by Carlos October 11, 2004
To take away or ask for.
Yo squib me deuce on that blunt nigga.
by Numba51 November 06, 2003
When a bullet gets stuck in a gun's barrel, can be very dangerous if another round is fired after a squib round.
Tommy's gun exploded because he had a squib round during full-auto fire.
by MuzlFlash August 10, 2003
1. The hole created by a bullet. 2. A fantasy creature simillar to both a six legged ant and a female reproductive organ. Six insect like legs attached to a body which highly resembles the female reproductive organ. Is known to be harmless but somewhat agressive at times, and moves at extraordinary speeds.
1. I think a squib just bit my leg. 2. Did you see that squib just run by?
by Zachary Napolitano March 23, 2007
A kid who can not function as a normal human being, often obsessed with pop culture or magic.
"Look at Greg, what a squib."
by Whhhaaaat? January 28, 2005
a spray of liquid substance.
when one squibs some perfume onto themselves
by yolande June 24, 2004
to ejaculate wildly. Can be used interchangebly with the word gized.
Dude, she was suckin his cock and he squibbed all over her!
by Marshall Henson September 18, 2005

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