One who does not know how to work freeview
"oi change the channel, oh wait you cant your a squib."
A ridiculous game played on a billiards table that includes a cyclical order in turns of 2 to how ever many balls there are in pool players in which you attempt to knock people out by somehow stopping the ball in play with the cue ball. The ways to stop it is by knocking it into a hole in play or physically stopping the ball before the next person can keep it rolling. Rules include that you can only throw from the ends of the table and you can't knock the balls into the holes adjacent to where you're throwing from. Contact is encouraged and breaking things is common. Potentially one of the most ridiculously random and fun games ever created.
I played squib last night and broke my arm and a mirror. It was so badass.
by squibcreater4 February 25, 2008
a uncommon word used in online gaming to taunt people who are less skilled than you. it is un common because it is very similar to noob and Nub.
loosader: lol ur a nub
coobalie: FSTU Squib
by Dragon5 August 30, 2007
an explanation for any amount of time you so choose. it could be five minutes , it could be five years, it don't matter. and you know if you use it right because it FEELS right.
wrong: I'm going to the store for a squib.

right: I'm going to the store, I'll be back in a squib.

wrong: Squib.

right: Squib squib squib.
by Jennifer Worm for Chad Hagen August 29, 2007
A dud.(used as a derogatory comment)
Guy 1: He looks like a Squib.
Guy 2: Ooo burn on the Squib.
by XeroExp January 18, 2005
v. to fakeout a friend by looking just past them and pretending to see someone you know by looking excited and waving your hand like you're trying to get their attention.
Guy 1: (looking just past the shoulder of the victim) "Mikey, what's up man? How are you?"

Guy 2: (turns around to look at who Guy 1 is talking to)

Guy 1: "Squib! Gotcha bro!"

Guy 2: "Man I feel like such an idiot."
Guy 1: "You ARE an idiot."
by 2Dice February 05, 2010
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