To do this practice you need 3 people total. 2 live, and 1 dead. The dead person has to be female. The 2 others can be male or female. Either way, it goes like this:

The 2 people spread the legs of the dead chick wide open. One of the 2 people stick his face right in front of the girls vagina and the other gets on top of something a little higher than the body. Then the one dude jumps off onto the body crushing the girls body. The guy with his face at the girls vagina gets a collection of bodily juices blown into his face.
Dude, let's go sprunting tonight. There is the hottest dead chick buried in Camel City.
by explosions in the sky October 12, 2004
The art of exhuming the bodily fluids of a dead girl by jumping on the body (stomach). The exhumed fluids are usually greeted by a person who has their face in front of the dead girls vaginal area. If this person is daring they can open their mouth, but if they are more squeemish than they perhaps should be, they will close their eyes and mouth. Sprunting is usually followed by felching (only if a man and a woman are doing it obviously).
Dom: Lets go sprunting on that really fit dead girl over there!
Dom: One, Two, Three
Ash: Tastes like chicken...
by Dom12345 September 21, 2006

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