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verb; to sprout, the act of sprouting: for one to consume large amounts of alcohol, or any other substance for that matter, and experience a wide range of emotions including, but not limited to, great bouts of laughter, uncontrollable sobs, and the urge to undress all and any gender.

The spout-ee may also find themselves throwing up noodles, or passing out in the woods to awake in the back of a mini van.
Person 1: "Did you see Lucy sprouting last night?"

Person 2: "Yeah, I heard she passed out and they had to carry her body up a grassy knoll."

Person 1: "And then she began to laugh and cry hysterically."

Person 2: "Yeah, right after she puked up her noodles."
by LucyPleaseExplain January 22, 2009
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During sexual intercourse, this is when couple are in the doggystyle position and the man stays still while the woman thrusts back and forth on the man's penis. Basically, the woman doing all the work during doggystyle.
"Man last night my bitch did all the work while I was fuckin her doggy"
"Oh that's the shit! Sprouting is what my bitch does best!"
by camenyogrill January 06, 2010
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A person gets defensive in the presence of others. Whether at a statement, or a joke taken too seriously.
Guy1: Dude, did you buy your car from my grahms?

Guy2: Shut up, you moron, no I didnt!

Guy3: (hey man, chill, this guy's sprouting)
by Craven Angel August 06, 2008
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The process in which a boner gradually grows over a course of twenty minutes while laying down.
I was casually IMing my friends from my laptop, and when I looked down at my crotch I noticed I was sprouting
by Emomartian February 28, 2009
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