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To nex is similar as to rage, however, it differs in the fact that when you nex, you do not only rage, you rage and spasm violently.

Nex'ing has been known to be a side effect of smoking weed, and spending a lot of time on the internet late at night sitting on IRC networks abusing power.
Oh god, I'm gonna nex violently.
by mikey|^_^ November 25, 2009
An adjective that downgrades the person it is being said to.
"Yo man, you are so nex!"
by Untouchable March 08, 2005
A list of; or an: undiscoverable pokemon.
"Where do you find Celebi?"
"You can't. It's nex."
by JhotoPokeMaster November 22, 2011
Short for Navy Exhange. These vary from either being the size of a 7-eleven, to the size of a mall.

Similar to a px
Hey, lets go down to the Nex.
by ITSN Harris August 16, 2005
An ex-boyfriend or girlfriend whom you sleep with on a regular basis.
I went to the club last night, got wasted, and hooked up with my n' ex.
by queen e July 03, 2006
means to get up and close, personal, really close, next to.
She got all hot and nex with me, as we danced.
by MoYo May 15, 2003
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