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3 definitions by LatinoHeat

Lays baked chips from Subway. There are only about 6 chips in the bag and the rest is air.
"Dude, hand me your bag of baked Lays, hurry!"
"Why man?"
"Cuz we are about to crash and this car doesn't have airbags!"
by LatinoHeat August 09, 2005
57 15
Little person who resembles the Green Gian't sidekick (offspring?)
Kelly was standing nex to Anne and she looked like "Sprout"
by LatinoHeat February 22, 2005
26 14
nowacked: Verb, The act of meeting, for the first time, a chick you talked to on the phone for several weeks who had a really HOT voice and ended up weighing 300 pounds.
Dave got nowacked by this chick last year when he went to Daytona!
by LatinoHeat March 01, 2005
5 0