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A supposedly a fictional creature that if you leave a cup of piss out a sprinkle genie will drink it.
Damn, the sprinkle genie came again.
by Paul C April 28, 2003
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A sprinkle genie is an individual who patrols bars or parties looking for abandoned drinks they can consume due to their own lack of booze or money. This behavior is frowned upon and often people will pull pranks on these individuals by contaminating drinks or drink cups.
He's wizzing in a cup, waiting for a sprinkle genie to come and drink it up.
by drBHat December 12, 2010
When I girl gives a guy head while sitting down and peeing.
My girlfriend was a sprinkle genie when she sucked me off while she was peeing.
by bupeett April 18, 2008
A person - namely a female, that adds mysterious ingredients in the form of weird spices and concoctions to a recipie when cooking
Hi there Sprinklegenie!
by Sprinx January 05, 2005
if you shout sprinklegenie a guy will wank on you
oh no ig to cummed on by a sprinklegenie
by sprinklegenie August 05, 2003

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