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A term used to described any person of asian decent. For example: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and even Koren(ese).
Ethan: Hey sarah, did u watch the olympics last night?
Sarah: Yes Ethan, those NESE girls are so good! they always win the gold medals.
by Greg Finley February 28, 2014
snotty nostrils, big nostrils, big nose, wonky nose, hook nose
jade: omg you have nese (big nostrils) i can see your brains through your nostrils
by GODDESS12345 December 11, 2013
Norwegain word for ass
by GIMLI LOVES METALLICA October 10, 2003
Norwegian for nose.
Don't put your nese in other people's business.
by undiesinabunch July 30, 2009
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