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A term Prince (musician) uses to refer to himself in his song Laydown. It combines his commonly associated color of "purple" with an implied mastery of his art through the use of the name "Yoda".

More importantly, the phrase "Purple Yoda" rhymes with "Minnesota", his place of residence and the last word in the preceding line of the song.
You need to laydown
And let me show you how
We do this thing
Up in funky town

From the heart of Minnesota
Here come the purple Yoda
Guaranteed to bring the dirty new sound
by drBHat August 10, 2010
A sprinkle genie is an individual who patrols bars or parties looking for abandoned drinks they can consume due to their own lack of booze or money. This behavior is frowned upon and often people will pull pranks on these individuals by contaminating drinks or drink cups.
He's wizzing in a cup, waiting for a sprinkle genie to come and drink it up.
by drBHat December 12, 2010
When lacking a decent place to enjoy alcoholic beverages free from interference, road fishing is a final option. This act consists of driving around the countryside with a cooler full of beverages, allowing all passengers to 'fish' out and enjoy drinks hidden from public view. Road Fishing is only recommended in rural settings.
"Dave's parents shut down tonight's plan for a party, so we're just going to go road fishing until something new comes up."
by drBHat May 06, 2008

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