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To shoot rapidly with an automatic gun. The slang is derived from the similiar motion of when one uses a spraycan where plenty of "dots" will appear in a matter of seconds.

To help prove my point, use Microsoft Paint (or any other program) and do the following:

1. Use the Airbrush with your favourite color and just spray the white background and you will see spray dots appear. These are our "gunshots".
Jamal: Eyo, u ready to ride on theese bitchass niggas son?!
Malik: Yo u know it, B. Let em have it. Imma spray em with my UZI.
by JTee88 June 14, 2009
3 3
to shoot something up
Bitch shut up before i spray your ass up with lead
by sirrswagg February 17, 2009
3 3
someone who "sprays" like a cat to claim space. A figure of speech
"I sprayed the perimiter of that new house on the corner." or "Did you see that new car? I sprayed a square around it" Or "If anyone tries to get in front of me in line I'll spray"
by Sprayapolooza February 27, 2008
2 2
Foul smelling fluid that males cats spray onto your car at night.
Look! That bastard cat is spraying my car again!!
by skirtlifter January 31, 2005
11 11
to talk a lot of shit, or one who talks more than he walks. To talk behind someones back.
I heard Tony has been sprayin all over town that he screwed your sister.
by dfresh December 24, 2002
8 8
Short hand for spray paint.
That wall gets sprayed TONITE.
by anonymous December 18, 2002
9 9
The result of blowing a widely dispersed load on a woman.
She arched up her tits but I sprated her face
by Rightous Willy January 31, 2004
12 13