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to be tricky or quick with your hands like when magicians try to direct your attention to something else while they do their main trick
the elderly magician behind the counter still has the sleight of hand
by sirrswagg February 05, 2009
a disease that stupid jews suffer from
This white guy with the jew fro suffers from chronic jewpidity
by sirrswagg December 10, 2008
to act in a cool, flashy manner, or another word for having hella fun
Yo you seen me at dat party last night nigga? I was swaggin my black ass off son
by sirrswagg December 05, 2008
usually an older man who tries to molest younger kids (usually 5-13) over the internet
you homo ass cyberped, i cant believe you're doing this over the internet. you're prolly too scared to try this in real life
by sirrswagg February 06, 2009
to shoot something up
Bitch shut up before i spray your ass up with lead
by sirrswagg February 17, 2009
when you cant do anything without having your bitch around you for support
A pimpnamedslickback suffers from chronic bitch dependancy
by sirrswagg March 10, 2009
the time you spend sexually with women or vice versa
Yo that dude Johnny O from the party last night has serious air time, he got with all five beckies
by sirrswagg August 13, 2010

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