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It's a Fork AND a Spoon
Best idea EVER thought up by man
11 19
Verb Form : to be sporked
Taken from the NOUN sporkmeaning a hybrid fork and spoon. The verb form is used in the past tense to indicate a moment of complete indecision. A spork is the ultimate example of indecisiveness.
I asked him to make a reservation for the hotel, but he was so sporked about were to stay that I had to do it myself.

She was sporked about which car to buy. So she didn't buy anything.
by TonyD March 16, 2005
6 14
A spoon and a fork. Makes for a fun weapon
Ow... The spork hit my eye...
by Andro February 09, 2004
37 45
(1) To kill in the most inhumane way
(2) Only the best thing ever created this side of heaven
(1) Some night around now, I'm going to spork Jacob.
(2) Don't break my spork, I haven't eaten with it yet!
by Valerie Adams November 06, 2003
26 34
the greatest eating utenisil known to man
you can eat soup and steak with a spork. W00T
by Madchal July 18, 2003
22 30
A spoon. And a fork. Combined. Making... a spork. Duhh! ;
"Ugh. You're SUCH a spork."
by Abbehh April 30, 2009
2 11
I-- a utensil used for eating// part spoon and part fork
II-- a dorky nickname for the one you love
III-- a sexual act in which 2 american girls and 1 british boy are involved in
IV-- a feeling of unsettled facts between friends, or a fight
a- "I always use a spork at KFC."
b- "You are spork, and I'm your kfork."
c- "Did you hear about that Alex and those girls? Dude, they sporked!"
d- "What's wrong? I just sporked my friend."
by Samanthaaaa&Cadyyyy March 08, 2008
1 10