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intr.v. Spork, Sporked, Sporks, Sporking. 1) The act of completely humiliating or obliterating someone verbally, in written/typed form, or any other media. 2) Forum section on containing a database of humiliating and obliteratory messages directed towards anti-supporters of the website. (Created by Essix and The Cake God, respectively)
You've been Sporked!™, courtesy of
by Essix March 06, 2005
When a girl allows you to stick the tip of your penis into her labia, for a couple of seconds, without fully penetrating her.
I was at this party and trying to get my dick wet with this chick, long story short, she got sporked.
by supmannothinchillin February 13, 2009
The act of sticking plastic forks (points down) into a yard. It is a relatively harmless prank that occurs during the darkness of the night. Oftentimes the forks will be arranged into a pattern or used to write out a phrase or word, but random placement will also occur.
George awoke to find his yard sporked, and immediately contrived plans for revenge.
by scoreJ6 June 01, 2007's version of the word computer term, "pwned" created by House of Bizkits.
That dumb femi-fan got sporked.
by House of Bizkits February 22, 2005
Becoming owned beyond ownage. THE ULTIMATE OWNAGE!
You got sporked!

You totally got sporked!

Never spork the spork.
by Anthony Caggiano October 11, 2006
FUBAR.. Has mechanical problems.
Computer component that has been zapped by lightning or some other surge.
We tried to use the computer, but the modem, etc. was sporked.
by Lil Lady January 21, 2004
Codeword for banned. It originated on, where if a user is banned, their user title is changed to "eyeball SPORKED!", therefore to get 'sporked' means to get banned from something.
The admins at sporked their own mods! Trolls are starting to seep in and the site is dying. Let's find a way to save it.
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