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an untimely erection usually resulting in embarrassment in front of public places
The teacher called me to the board, but my awkward boner prevented me from doing so.
by hunglow57 February 02, 2009
Normally you get an awkward boner when standing next to the hottest girl ever, but your girlfriend is right next to you. The boner ends up sprouting from a little sapling, and turns into a huge ass tree just so everyone can see it.
Mike- "Hey Jennifer!" *Gets awkward boner*

Mike's girlfriend- oh you get a
Boner staring at her but not at me?!? Da fuq is this BS!!?!!?"
by That pin head across the stree January 31, 2014
a moment that is as awkward as getting a boner in the middle of class or when you hugging a girl you like
Friend 1- so i was at my grandparents and they gave me some kwanza money and i pissed my pants i was so happy
Friend 2- dude talk about a Awkward Boner
Friend 1- tell me about it
by tiggathebear June 01, 2011
When during an awkward silence, a man gets a boner for no apparent reason at all, and it is very uncomfortable.
Doctor: Sir, you have AIDS.
"awkward silence"
by Justbeingstupidiguess33 January 21, 2010

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