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When your fucking a girl and you pull out, and politely ask her to turn over so you can glaze her ribs with your semen.
I was doing this chick and i pulled out reel quick turned her over and next thing i know i was makin' ribs.
by supmannothinchillin February 06, 2009
When a girl allows you to stick the tip of your penis into her labia, for a couple of seconds, without fully penetrating her.
I was at this party and trying to get my dick wet with this chick, long story short, she got sporked.
by supmannothinchillin February 13, 2009
When someone goes through a 30 pack of Easy-Mac in less than 2 weeks, then proceeds to make Chef-Boyardee Mac & Cheese only to stink up the room like bacon and shit.
Yo Cheffy, what the fuck is that smell?, Oh man nothing i ran out of Easy-Mac so im making Chef-Boyardee instead.
by supmannothinchillin June 05, 2009
When a white kid from an eastern state pathetically collects coke products caps just to win lame prizes such as, coke school bags, coke t-shirts, and other lame coke stuff.
Brad called Steve a My Coke Rewards Fagget because he stopped in the middle of the street to pick up a coke cap.
by supmannothinchillin June 05, 2009
When you ejaculate on a girl's face with a combination of piss and semen.
So i was about to cum on Carly's face and little did she know the weather prediction was a wintry mix.
by supmannothinchillin February 06, 2009

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