When two or more men make spoons. (sporking, making sporks)
I wanna be the big spork this time!
by littleBane December 21, 2009
combenation of the spoon and the fork.
any one with a spork has great power and can comand everyone to do they want.
the colection also includes the spife and the nork neather as powerful as the spork.
the most powerful spork isnt a canteen plastic but covered in gold and silver it is so powerful it has to be handled with the oven glove of hope.

"shit that kid has a spork"
"run away"
"bow down to the almighty spork, do as i comand"
by the ? February 08, 2007
Verb. A cross between forking and spooning; romantic sex.
He wanted to fork, but she wanted to spoon; they reached a compromise by sporking.
by DelightfullyDubious April 23, 2009
The act of spooning that leads to sex from behind
dude! last night i just sporked that girl
by gibs-on December 11, 2007
A dangerous object that 2nd graders use.
OMG! The second graders invaded my classroom today, and attacked us with sporks! OUCH! I got my eye poked out!
by subwayfreak October 30, 2007
a verb

the act of spooning with an erection
Steve sporked with Sally last night
by matt sizzle October 17, 2003
To put your finger near someones cheek when there looking in the other direction so that when they turn there head back towards you they get poked in the face.
I sporked you
you got sporked
To spork someone
by mid89uk May 03, 2009

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