a spork is what comes 5 month later after a spoon and fork love each other very much, but are too horny, drunk and clumsy to remember to wear a condom. to make it worse miss spoon parents are catholic so they forbid her daugther to get an abortion and force fork to marry her even when they're just high school teens, trunking they deluded dreams and hopes, forced to become teen parents. unfortunely daddy never gets to see his child born because he dies 3 mouth later of a meth overdose due the pressure of his wrong actions and rush desitions, now mommy spoon face her dark fate of becoming a single mom before she is even allowed into a bar all this stress induce a premature labor before the chromosome Y completed the transformation of the fetus causing the creature not to becaming a fully developed fork neither a spoon
Hospital saint-silverware

"middle of premature labor"
nurse: push
ms. spoon: nnnghaaaah!
doctor: I can see its head on more time, harder!
ms. spoon: aaaaanggAAHH!
doctor: is a fork... no wait... is a spork!?
baby spork: niiaaah *sniff* niiiaaaah...
ms. spoon: what?! lemme see
by 26muel November 13, 2013
when yo spoonin wit yo gurl annd u pop a humongous boner turnin yo self into a spork instead of a spoon
yea bro, i was wit diamon spoonin, but dat ass made me spork as hell.
by rafael December 30, 2012
The Act of Spooning, then Porking.
My night of spooning with my girlfriend got better when she got frisky and we porked. We sporked.
by SumDum21 November 30, 2011
To "fork" whilst you spoon
We were just spooning, then things happened and we ended up sporking.
by Mr. Father-guy April 19, 2011
To spoon with someone when you have a raging boner

The art of spooing with someone when your boner is digging into their back.
That girl is such a tease. All we did was spork last night.

This guy slept over last night, we sporked, and now I my back is all messed up.
by ab4224 December 02, 2010
THE single most versatile instrument to exist above, on, or below the surface of the earth.
It has the scooping ability of a spoon and the stabbing ability of a fork! It's a spork!
by Shawn E. April 16, 2003
a spoon and fork hybrid
its a mix of a spoon and a fork stupid, do you really need an example?
by Chris Waters November 05, 2002

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