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3 definitions by TonyD

In 2004 the Japanese Government Implemented an all female car on many subways. This was done to keep men from feeling-up and harrassing women. The other cars on the train became --Sausage Cars -- because they are full of men.

See also Sausage Factory
Dude this is the Sausage Car! I can't stand this wall to wall business man stuff.
by TonyD March 14, 2005
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Coined by the Vreeland brothers of Kentucky -;
any person, place,thing,idea, or act that is selfish,tacky,uncool,or openly deceitful.
My friend took called my girl friend without asking. That's real taggish!

Those pants are taggish. You need a something a bit less baggy and dirty.
by TonyD March 07, 2005
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Verb Form : to be sporked
Taken from the NOUN sporkmeaning a hybrid fork and spoon. The verb form is used in the past tense to indicate a moment of complete indecision. A spork is the ultimate example of indecisiveness.
I asked him to make a reservation for the hotel, but he was so sporked about were to stay that I had to do it myself.

She was sporked about which car to buy. So she didn't buy anything.
by TonyD March 16, 2005
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