A cone shaped joint made by using 2 papers at a 90 degree angle, then rolled diagonally.
Dude, that's a fag spliff
by Zach October 10, 2003
abvove average sized joint, known to shred your lungs like swallowing glass
"cheyenne stop hoggin the spliff!"
by moma March 26, 2003
A marijuana cigarette
I rolled a gigantic spliff to smoke.
This spliff will get us really high!
by Joey Williams May 27, 2002
A type of joint made by placing usually 2 zigzags together longways.With the top one slightly tilted to make a cone shaped joint when rolled .*not to be confused with a fatty*
Me and my niggas just blazed a spliff.
#splif #fatty #joint #cone #fattie
by Leary June 21, 2006
a great amount; many; plentiful
there was a spliff load of cargo that came in
by Mike Landa August 24, 2005
also besides a joint, a spliff can be a hit off a joint, or a drink of hard liquor
"hey let me get a spliff"
by love-the-spliffage March 21, 2005
Marijuana and/or Tobacco rolled in a "Skin" with a crutch.
Example: Red King Rizla Skins
Marijuana rolled in a skin with a crutch.
by 5iNcoGNiTo June 13, 2004
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