also known as joint. made with marajuana or canabis and roled in a rizla paper with tobacco so that it burns. with several variations, e.g. L plate and two skin.
pass me the j bitch
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
a hand roolled ciggarette with half tabacco half Ganja and usually smoked by strait up thugs
excuse me while i light my spliff
by Porky61289 May 29, 2006
cannabis cigarette
make a spliff
by geordie October 24, 2003
a fat doobie
"i be chillin in my crib with a fat spliff ya'll, get yo asses off my porch"
by wiley wiggins May 21, 2003
a joint.
Hey pass me that spliff!
by T February 18, 2003
blue rizla bit of baccy lots of weed rolled to a slight angle licked sealed tip twisted end roached light the cherry as via harry potter actors kids blaze fr glory
i need a spliff first some blue rizla a bit of baccy and lots of weed so i can roll it at a slight angle,lick it,seal it, twist that shit chuck a roach in .Then i am gonna light the mutha fuckin cherry and huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ahhhhhh cough cough shits good
by lifes sypher August 22, 2009
An emptied cigarette that has been filled with Cannabis.

Also refers to a joint rolled with a mixture of Cannabis and Tobacco.
Johnny couldn't roll joints, so he would often make a spliff instead.
by The Happiness Club November 01, 2008
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