Rolled cannabis for smoking that is usually about five times larger than the average american joint.
It sucked when i got a wiff of some dude's spliff when all I had was an empty roach clip.
by bryan Andradé January 11, 2004
A term that indicates a hand rolled smokeable goodness. Joints and blunts are types of spliffs. A spliff does not refer to the contents of the rolled smokeable goodness. Typically it is used to refer to rolled marijuana.
Example 1:
Out in the streets facing problems,
What you need?
Right stuff.
Big spliff.
-- Black Uhuru

Example 2:
Me no have fi have no spliff
Me no have fi have no pipe
To see when the Rastaman a come
-- Culture
by The Lion Of Judda December 05, 2003
a "Marijuana cigarette" that is more like a blunt then a joint. Rolled with two zags. Basically a blunt without the cigar shell
Hey homie, fuk-a joint, roll a fukin spliff cuzin
by D-FOES October 28, 2003
A Marijuana that is rolled with cigarette paper BUT DONE RIDICULOUSLY HUGE.
Person1:Check this Spliff out man!!!
Person2:Oh yeah! look at mine!
Person1:wait... I wasn't done.
Person2:Holllllly SHIT!!!
by LEc2 May 14, 2003
A joint that that consists of both weed and tobacco
You will not get as fucked up because it is only 50 percent weed, however, you will still act like a fucking moron
I can't wait to go light my spliffs and get fucked up
by Sean Casper January 29, 2006
weed, baccy, skins and card.
i smoke the spliff
by ross February 01, 2004
To seep through fabric. Also to squeeze through very tight areas, such as pants and one's legs.
Jesse: "Dude you just made a doodie in your pantaloons"
Mitchell: "I know. It appears to be spliffing through the seams"

Michael the Happy Squirrel: "Dude get away from me. Your rectum-cake seems to be spliffing all over my fur"
by Big Tuna / Timmy the Flying Cat November 14, 2006
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