it iz ah bigg ass blunt wit weed alone no fuckin tobacco.
biggup trinidad an tobago
if i hav ah once ah weed i go put all in one bigg ass SPLIFF
by smokey smoke November 07, 2007
A Blunt with cocaine sprinkled on it
Let's smoke a spliff
by The man who knows it October 24, 2009
Spliff - A circular rolled piece of cardboard usually off a cover of rolling papers or box of ciggarettes placed in the hitting side of a "Blunt" or "Joint" of marijuana to perfect the "Blunt" or "Joint".
Would you like me to put a fat Spliff on your blunt?
by Cuban Pete August 09, 2004
To share
Blake: Yo look at this blunt i just got
Zach: Yeah that is a nice blunt
Red: WWWWWOOOORRRDDDDD niggas cant spliff that
Blake: No nigga dis is mine you need to get a job and get your own weed
Red: That's How niggas is givin it up...Come on You know You wanna spliff
Blake: No nigga bye
Red: Time-out
Blake: WHAT
Red: Can a nigga get a burger before you spliff it with ya girl
by Blakeloves melissa February 01, 2009
A Marijuana cigarette made from a cigar shell.
Then you be back in your crib with a fat spliff, you think we was some kind of crazy ass angel.
by Detaer February 13, 2003
A tobacco and marijuana mix, rolled like a joint or cigarette and smoked by the weakest of the weak: the drug addicts.
Only sissy drug addicts smoke spilffs!
by The Drizzle January 25, 2005
Weed and tobacco rolled up like a cigarette
'Roll us a spliff mate?!'
by BudTerm April 15, 2016
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