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Combination of Somalia and Pirate. New wave high energy modern pirates from Somalia. They took an old idea and reworked it. Excellent timing also, at the hight of pirate popularity. Pirate shirts, pirate movies and pirate flags are everywhere.
Today the Spirates hijacked a cruise ship, an oil tanker, and the sea plane from Fantasy Island. I want to join them.
by Toynbee December 03, 2008
A term referring to a pirate who spies on people, preferably with some sort of spyglass.
"Yaharr, I be a spirate!!!"
"No, Madam, don't swim at that island, a boatload of spirates roam those waters"
"Shiver me timbers! Not only be I a pirate, I be a spirate as well! Yaharr!!"
by MillardKillmore June 02, 2003
One who is a spy and also a pirate.
"Yaharr, I be a spirate"
by Captain Kipper June 02, 2003
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