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4 definitions by jham

an expression used when one does not care or is over a particular situation.
"OMG, there's that girl that's flirting with my boyfriend."
"Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries..you're so much hotter than her."
by jham October 14, 2007
a 1980s shorten version of the expression "very cool" or very awesome".
"Are you going to that college kegger this weekend?"
"Yeah, its going to be so very!"
by jham October 14, 2007
combined with another word infront of it meaning one of your many inspirations.
"OMG, Misha Barton is my thin-spiration."
"Rachel Ray is my food-spiration."
by jham October 14, 2007
an expression used to insult a female that you dislike, referring to seeing her pad.
"OMG, there's that girl in my math class that's totally macking on my boyfriend!"
"Whatever. I'll yell at her, "I can see your pad!"
by jham October 14, 2007