A wonderful treat of nasty meat, cheesy goob, sour cream slop, refried beans(possibly fried in pig pen), tomatoes (possibly rotten or prevoiusly chomped by rabid bunny), can replace burritos as the staple shitting food.
Rules for Consuming a Spinner:
1. Consume as fast as possible (under 4 minutes is preferrable) and take a good look at what you are eating because you will be seeing it again soon.
2. Buy a large bottle of FUZE and consume at same time for ultimate explosive power.
3. Check out your surroundings and make sure that you have atleast 3 exits nearby preferrably with a bathroom 20 feet or closer or you may end up running home waving arms and legs while screaming "There's no time!"
4. Once you have reached the 3 minute mark... DO NOT START ANOTHER MAD LIB... because you won't be finishing it unless you take it to go.
5. When done with the spinner immediately pack your valuables and have backpack on so you don't have to do any heavy lifting or there could be a pre-spinner show, aka a prarie-popper incident.
6. Most importantly of all if you have been recently diagnosed with FTIT do not consume a spinner- you may want to but this would be ur... i had a spinner and cannot finish this sentence

**National FTIT society has labeled this product a grade A diarretic, better than most laxatives INSTANT results- The tofu fajita spinner must be consumed while on the shitter.
Primary Side-effect: YUM!
Secondary: Oh no!
if you have FTIT: Nothing because you are dead.
"One time in 1459 Greece, the original pear-shaped man ordered a spinner. The side-effects were felt immediately so he ran to the beach (toilets were invented the following year due to this incident) to find that there was no toilet paper- His toga had no chance."

Note: The national olympics organization has announced that for the 2014 Olympics in Greece in honor of the original pear shaped man will have FUZE and Spinners as the official food and drink of the Olympics- anyone who consumes otherwise will be disqualified- Brawny and Scott will be sponsoring these games. Thanks FUZE! (Running to bathroom) Makes you poop.
Top Definition
A petite woman. Denoted as a joke, whereby the petite woman is so thin she is able to be mounted and spun in a circle on an erect penis.
"She's a spinner."
by x January 22, 2003
A tiny little girl that can spin around on your dong.
I want to get that spinner in my bed and put her to work.
by Geoff Samet April 11, 2004
Small, petite women may be referred to as 'spinners'. The term likely arises from the possibility that they can be spun around on top of a guy while having sex.
I want to get a lap dance from that little stripper, I definitely love the spinners.
by Chew-dogg May 26, 2006
Tacky chrome rims that spin regardless of whether the vehicle is in motion.
Scope out my pimpin Bentley wit Spinners and racing stripes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Elgeoharris December 14, 2003
(n) A woman/man that stands less than 5ft. 3in. Giving someone above average height the ability to have sex with them on their lap and possibly spinning them like a top.
The Olsen Twins are a matching set of spinners.
by Paul Sturgulewski February 27, 2006
a female of petite stature,enabling
a wide variety of manipulations.
DAMN!you never see a spinner with a
butt that big!
by korvex July 28, 2004
Pointless rims that keep spinning after the wheels stop moving. Ussualy owned by wanksters who put them on their cars that cost less thant he spinners.
Look at the spinners on the 1989 honda civic.
by LordDarik August 02, 2005
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