Someone who knows how to reject others. They are very good at "spinning" out of situations they don't want to be in. Used by Jadakiss in an interview at Power 105.1's the breakfast club.
"Yea, Hov is definetely the master spinner. He will hit you back, but it will be after you finished what you needed him to do."
by ThePrYR January 24, 2015
Another word for getting verbally punished by a female spouse or significant other.
Man, I'm 2 hours late getting home... The wife is gonna give me my spinners for sure!
by Klyph420 June 16, 2011
Spinners... Rap crap for rims, wheels, or hubcaps that keep going when you stop.
I lock it up, I'm at a halt, and my rims (or "Dubs") is still spinnin'.(spinners)
by Unit June 14, 2006
People who followed the Grateful Dead( 1965-1995 )on tour, usually loosely affilaited with The Rainbow Family or similar nomadic hippie groups, who spinned round and round with arms extended in hallways and usually in the back of arena or stadiums where GD used to play. Haven't been seen since 1995 not even on Phish, Phil Lesh or similar jam band tours. They could be considered modern day Whirling Dervishes as they, like the Dervishes, would spin to obtain an altered state of consciousness similar to LSd and psilocybin, drugs often used at Dead shows.
Hey man, wanna go join the spinners and see if we an get that natural high?
by Niggabaita July 13, 2006
a rim that spins when a car is stoped.
a tire that makes people keep staring and they think that ther seeing things .
a tire burning out but except your not burning out your stping your car and your rims are still spinning
by edward December 15, 2003
rims that when you stop the blades keep spinnin'
by Amandda May 15, 2003
the gayest rimes ever created. good for fucking around with like the 20 doller plastic spinners.
damn fool look at my 15 inch spinners
by GANGSTA pirooz September 13, 2005

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