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A person that alters the course of things
Charles Ham is one of the greatest spinners I've ever seen.
by Charles H*A*M December 07, 2011
44 91
Aussie slang for someone who is not too clever or easily fooled.
Used in the phrase "Come in spinner"
Which means "I can't believe you fell for that one"
by Spooty Spinner July 27, 2003
26 74
archaic English label for a bicycling enthusiast.
Pardon me, Henry, but do you happen to know who won the Glasgow bicycle race this morning?

Sorry, Percival, but I'm sure it was some spinner.
by I_am_Jack April 23, 2010
37 86
What the awp sniper rifle in Counter-Strike : Source stands for according to PoT-Taliban.

1. PoT-Taliban : Nitroos, I need spinner
2. PoT-Taliban : DUDEEEEE, spinnnr in med,
3. PoT-Taliban : No Nitroos, one spinner, n o one spinner in long a
4. PoT-Taliban (running in ct spawn): spinner, spinner, spinner anyone?!!

by N1trousX July 10, 2008
17 66
its when someone is acting crazy ..
or weird
Jamie: maannnn look at her she is crazy
Lizzay: i knwo what is she tryin to achieve
Jamie: who knows but she is a right spinner
Lizzay: haha yeh look at her spinnin out!
by Lizzay November 21, 2007
10 59
an elderly person, usually in a fitness center of a condo or the like, who earnestly intends to work out, but with ZERO resistance on their machine, esp stationary bikes, aimlessly working it, with no benefit but to tie up the equipment.
I had hoped to finish my workout early and hit happy hour............
but there were too many spinners ahead of me.......
by t v 5.5 January 28, 2010
3 53
A famous sport-fishing lure, commonly comprised of a metal rotating blade or blades, with a weighted body on a wire shaft. When retreived or tolled it attracts fish via flash and vibration emitted from it's spinnig action
Eg: last weekend I went spinning for trout on the Rubicon river and caught two nice fish on bladed spinners.
by mooglemot August 18, 2008
51 101