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To do your girl doggy so she cant see you then pull out just before cumming and cum in your hand, call your girls name then unleash your jiz onto her face in the same way spiderman spins a web.
I enjoyed spidermanning your wife last night, she seemed as surpised as you do right now.
by SteveC74 September 26, 2006
When you can sense something wrong has occurred or is about to occur. You sense danger is approaching and you have a physical reaction to the impending danger.
"The hairs on the back of my head are spider-manning because I know that guy is going to cause trouble."
"My brain is spider-manning. Something bad is about to happen"
by Rummblestrips January 06, 2013
verb. when a man or a woman is so drunk that they need to use the wall to get across the room and keep from falling over. It only becomes 'spider-manning' when the person places both hands on the wall and shuffles their way across, like when Spider-Man crawls along walls.
Person 1: Lot of drunk people at this party, right?
Person 2: Seriously, that girl is so drunk she's 'spider-manning' it to get herself across the room.
by Geo from SJ February 18, 2010
spidermanning is when you're banging a bitch from behind- you quietly blow your load in your hand, -spit on her back so that she thinks you finished, than call her name so that she turns around, and you hurl your jism into her suprised face like spiderman shoots his web. The spidermanning is even more complete if you sing the spiderman song as you are doing so.
spidermanning is the latest sexual craze, clearly designed to humiliate and suprise the victim with a hadfull of flung jism.
by Artie Quivers June 11, 2010
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