3 definitions by SteveC74

To do your girl doggy so she cant see you then pull out just before cumming and cum in your hand, call your girls name then unleash your jiz onto her face in the same way spiderman spins a web.
I enjoyed spidermanning your wife last night, she seemed as surpised as you do right now.
by SteveC74 September 26, 2006
A mythical period in time which everyone knows about but has no memory of.
A lot of people say that it is the day after today and that tomorrow will be here at midnight, but if you actually wait until midnight it is today again.
Often used by people to put off work as the new required deadline will never arrive.
Dad: Son, tidy your room.
Son: Ill do it tomorrow.
Dad: Get out of my house you lazy shit!
by SteveC74 October 15, 2006
The chosen vibrator for todays modern woman.
Come in a variety of designs to fit even the clowns pocket
Wife: Fuck me!
Husband: No, you ugly bitch use your rampant rabbit
by SteveC74 October 15, 2006

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